The Reviews are in for Humorousness!!!

"We had a great crowd and all the feedback was positive. Many asked when you'd be back. Several commented that your show was on of the funniest they had seen here. As you know, we have comedy night once a month and I will add that your show was one of the top acts we've had. I will most definitely be asking you back in the future."

Loren Berry

Events Manager

Englewood Event Center

"I have never seen the Veteran's Post 4300 in Sebring, Fl laugh and enjoy themselves like this and I've been a member for 20 plus years."

Lee England

Quartermaster VFW Post 4300

Reviews from The Orlando Improv Humorousness Show!!


*"Loved the Humorousness show! Kevin opens the show with hysterical stories and Myke closes with magic and a completely winning way!"

Laurel Clark

* "Seeing Kevin White and Myke Herlihy made my evening!  I was entertained from beginning to end! There was never a dull moment! I tell you no lie when I say I laughed to tears, and when that happens, my night is truly made!! I am so glad I came out to see these phenomenal Comedians."

Val Gamble

*" Kevin White and Myke Herlihy rocked the Improv last Wednesday, if you missed these guys, you missed masters of their craft!"

Tony Ross

*"I saw these guys last night at the Improv and I was literally in tears laughing!"

*"Had an awesome time at the Orlando Improv last throat is killing me from laughing so hard! You guys are the absolute best!"

Shows and Reviews!

The Kevin

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