New Comedy Videos Coming soon

Here's my acting reel featuring 'The Investigator'



OUC - Lots of running!! Over and over again! At least my face wasn't green!


I spent all day running in rented shoes! Then that night drove across state to do a comedy show. Stand Up comedy and I could barely stand!

The Kevin

Commercial Videos - Paying the bills with 60 second spots on TV and the internet is just another way to get out in the      public eye. Whether it's talking to bobble heads or running (And I ran more than I should) in new shows that left my feet  bloody (thanks Blue Ant!) commercial shoots are fun and it's weird when your watching Doctor Who and it's your face that    pops up on TV. Here are just a few on my spots...enjoy!

Stand- Up Comedy!

More stand Up videos as soon as they come in!

Worked with any big stars?

SURE! Manny, Moe and Jack: THE PEP BOYS! Manny and Moe were great, But Jack was a bit of a diva. I'm pretty sure he had a D.P. killed during the shoot, we don't talk about it.

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